Delivery & Vehicle Information

One of the most important aspects of container hire is the delivery process. At Spacewise we do our utmost to collate as much information possible from the client regarding their site and access regard to the delivery of their container.

For your assistance prior to ordering one of our refrigerated container please find below some helpful tips and facts about the delivery process.

Access to any destination is paramount when containers are to be delivered. Spacewise use two sizes of delivery truck for this purpose. The 33ft truck is used to deliver containers up to 20ft in size, whilst our 60ft truck is used for our larger 40ft containers.

The whole of the surroundings need to be evaluated prior to delivery. Is the access road to the site suitable for the size of the delivery lorry required?
Are there any low hanging cables which could obstruct the lorry accessing the site?

Once the lorry has accessed the site, there needs to be ample space for the unloading operation. The lorry has an extending unloading arm that acts like a crane to offload the container. The Spacewise trucks have extendable support legs for security of the truck whilst unloading the container. These legs extend to 24ft each side of the truck. Is there enough free space around the area that the container is to be positioned for this operation?

Once safe and secure delivery of your Spacewise container has been achieved, you also need to consider your usage and the access you need to the container. For doors opening purposes, a 20ft Spacewise container would need an operating length of 30ft, and a 40ft container, likewise would need 50ft.

There is also the issue of the ground the container is to be placed upon. Is the ground suitable to take the weight of the container? Along with the suitability of the ground the Spacewise container is to be positioned, dependent on the type of access required, you may also need to consider the surrounding ground conditions. Will you be using pallet trucks to load and unload the container? If so, the surrounding area will also need to be of suitable quality to handle this machinery.

The aforementioned issues are of high importance at time of installation. With changes constantly taking place at sites throughout the UK, if a container is not installed correctly the first time, it may be a case that the container cannot be repositioned at a later time.
These considerations are a guide for our clients prior to them ordering any kind of container from Spacewise. The Spacewise staff are professionally trained and will be able to help with any queries that you may have regarding all aspects of hiring or buying a Spacewise container, and can also offer recommendations as to the best options for your site.

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