About Us

Spacewise was founded in 1989, and has established itself as a leader in the UK market for container sales and hire. We have been in this business for over twenty years, and at the top of it for many, and it is this experience that has enabled us to diversify the usage of the containers that we supply.

We are now a UK leader in the supply of Containers to major outdoor and mobile events. This was confirmed when Spacewise was selected by the British Olympic Association as the licensed supplier of refrigerated and ambient containers to the London 2012 Olympic Games venues and as a supplier of the Wimbledon Tennis championships of 2013.

Spacewise offer the widest range of refrigerated containers within the UK. We pride ourselves on customer service and professionalism. Due to the large number of depots that we have in prime locations across the UK, whatever type of refrigerated container you require, it can be delivered to your location promptly from time of order.

Our container range doesn’t just stop and refrigerated container units.We can also supply dry storage containers for items with no need for specific temperatures, but still need to be kept safe and secure .We can also supply conversions for outdoor events, such as, Toilet blocks, Site offices, Canteens, Marketing suites, Dressing rooms, Shower blocks, Studios and Interview rooms. Along with these we also specialise in Portable chillers for the more mobile of clients. These come road ready on wheels for easy hook up to your vehicle if you are moving from one event to another.

Whether your event or business needs refrigeration, dry storage or a specific temporary building, Spacewise can supply. Our reliability is second to none, with delivery times brought down to a minimum with our extensive array of depots, our team will deliver to the site of your choice, install and provide full technical support for the units that you have requested.


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