Refrigerated Containers For Hire

With temperatures ranging between -35°c to +30°c, Spacewise refrigerated containers
are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from food and drink, to pharmaceutical
goods and samples, to high value temperature sensitive inventories.

10ft Temperature Controlled Container Hire

In order to have reliable refrigeration on location, many companies choose to rent temperature-controlled containers. Small businesses often have space limitations, so 10ft. units are increasingly popular.

20ft Temperature Controlled Container Hire

Spacewise 20ft units can hold as many as 10 euro palettes per layer, therefore they offer substantial amounts of storage space at avery low price per square foot

40ft Temperature Controlled Container Hire

As some companies grow, their need for refrigerated space also increases. This explains why the need for 40ft. containers is in growing demand across the United Kingdom.

Temperature Controlled Storage Solutions

Answers to some of the most common FAQs that the Spacewise in-house team are asked on a regular basis include...


Our compact, portable, and secure temperature-controlled containers are the perfect example of an asset that can create benefits far beyond its cost. Here are 10 common uses...

Storing Food In Temperature Controlled UNITS

Our models have built-in temperature controls and perform admirably in a wide variety of roles. One such application is for storing food for catering at events.

Storing DRINKS In Temperature Controlled UNITS

Outside events tend to draw large crowds during the hot summer months, which can complicate the organisational aspects. An obvious difficulty is keeping guests supplied with cold drinks.

Storing Pharmaceuticals in COLD Containers

When it comes to storing goods that are of a medical or pharmaceutical nature, reliable climate control is incredibly important, which is why the Spacewise team ensures all of our units are well maintained. 

Short-Term Temperature Controlled UNIT Hire

Our temperature-controlled containers aren’t just helpful during peak periods like Christmas and Easter, they can also be useful during the summer months.

LONG-Term Temperature Controlled UNIT Hire

Building additional cold facilities is not always possible. Spacewise container-based units can provide a cost-effective and mobile solution for your long-term storage requirements.